Expanse and security in one: the generous glass facade brings the mountains into the living area, under high ceilings life seems light and easy. All the wood and natural materials noticeably increase the sense of well-being.

A freshly made double bed of natural wood. Above the headboard is a shelf with two lamps. The wall next to the bed is also made of natural wood.
Everything nature: walls, ceilings, bed frame and also the window view. Inside and outside there is the scent of mountain and wood.
View into the room. Corner bench in front of a window. Armchairs in the right corner and a tree in front of the window.
Lean back and immerse yourself: in a book, in your thoughts or in relaxation.
Detail of the headboard of a freshly made bed and the surrounding wall of natural wood. A heart shape was carved out in the wood. An embroidery of quartier with black thread can be seen on the white pillow.
The laundry stays in the neighborhood. Only by washing ourselves can we avoid bleach and chemicals.
View from a wooden shelf into the room. You can see a minimal part of the freshly made bed through a heart cut out of the wood. In the background can be seen an armchair in front of the window, which can be covered with a curtain.
Lying down or reading and leaving everyday life behind. Switch off completely - at the push of a button, the WLAN too!
View of the dining area next to the kitchen, designed entirely in natural wood. A modern wooden table and stools can be seen standing in front of a wooden wall, from which a wooden bench extends towards the table.
Corner bench and table complement the kitchenette: space enough for snacks or a full evening of games.

Ground floor Ground floor barrier free

Floor plan of the Lodge Mountain View. This consists of one level. In the entrance area to the right is a large sitting area and the kitchenette. Through a corridor you reach, right next to it, the toilet, a bathroom with shower and a room with a single bed. The corridor ends in the largest room: the bedroom with a double bed, which is located towards the window wall. There are pillows on a larger ledge in front of the window to enjoy the view. 

There is also an accessible Lodge Mountain View available, which corresponds to the floor plan of the other Lodge Mountain View. Here the room with a single bed has been left out to generate more space in the lodge.
Ground floor Ground floor barrier free

Special Qualities


A new kind of accommodation: discover the special qualities of the quarter for an unforgettable stay.

Detail view of a vase filled with flowers, placed beside a book on a coffee table. A spacious window frames a natural view in the background.