The architecture of the lodges is more than just form, it defines perception and well-being: The mountain world shines through the glass façade, inside, untreated natural wood envelops the residents. The energy of space and material is simply palpable.

The quarter: naturally beautiful.

Lodge Maisonette

Living and sleeping on two levels. Our maisonette has the homely feel of a Tiny House: sheltered and protected in the sleeping area, but light and spacious in the front. The natural materials have a balmy effect, and the seven-meter-high rooms provide true luxury.

1- 3 persons
first floor and attic
Obergeschoss der Maisonette Lodge, die Wände sind mit Holz verkleidet. Vor einem Geländer stehen ein Sessel und eine Lampe. Im Hintergrund ist ein großes Fenster zu sehen.

Lodge Mountain View

Expanse and security in one: the generous glass facade brings the mountains into the living area, under high ceilings life seems light and easy. All the wood and natural materials noticeably enhance the sense of well-being.

1- 4 persons
on the ground floor
A freshly made double bed of natural wood. Above the headboard is a shelf with two lamps. The wall next to the bed is also made of natural wood.

Holiday Flat Old Villa

Classic, but by no means traditional: The apartment in the attic of the Old Villa has a modern and clear feel. Nothing is distracting: The only thing hanging in the skylights is the mountain world, light washes around the eat-in kitchen. Because of the bunk bed an ideal retreat for families.

1- 4 persons
in the attic of the Old Villa
View room with sloping roof and two skylights, in the foreground is a wooden table with four chairs, behind it is a sofa with side table.

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